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I received a distance healing from Linda. Before the healing, I was feeling very anxious, in and out of sadness, a little depressed, overwhelmed, emotional, confused, and I felt as if I was out of control and out of touch with myself. At first, I saw myself crying, sad, frantic, confused. I felt myself getting more relaxed and calm as the healing went on for about 20 minutes. The heavy lump in my throat disappeared, the burning in my chest subsided (I envisioned fire). At one point I felt her energy around my arms and hands, tingly, and my hands went from clutching onto the edge of my blanket with stress to gently placed over my stomach. My legs suddenly felt cold and tingly at one point so I pulled the blanket over them. I saw myself as a natural healer suddenly, which I haven't really thought about doing recently. I suddenly had an urge to heal people.


I somehow felt she was done and woke up from my half sleep/half awake phase and curled up in a fetal position. I felt as if the lingering negative energy that I couldn't shake off for the past few days was released from within me. I did not feel that heaviness or confusion anymore. I felt relaxed and calm. I noticed my reactions to everything afterwards was from a warm positive light whereas before I was very anxious. Linda's detailed description of my healing from her perspective was astoundingly accurate and beautiful, and it helped show me what I need to work on internally.

I would recommend Linda to anyone who feels they need their energy to be cleansed and refreshed, and their chakras activated and balanced. Linda has given me several healings in the past, and I can definitely say that she is spiritually in-tuned, full of light and love, extremely empathetic, and her healing gift is growing more powerful everyday.

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