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Sentient Intelligence Energy Healing

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Energy Healing Session

In-person sessions temporarily unavailable. Virtual sessions now available via phone or video call.

30 Minutes Virtual Session - $60

60 Minute Virtual Session - $111

60 Minute In-Person Session - $125

What is Energy Healing?


Everyone and everything in the universe is made up of energy. Our bodies are energy, and so are our thoughts and emotions. The purpose of energy healing and energy work is to align the mind, body, and spirit.  Ultimately, energy work is about your own self-healing. The energy worker becomes a conduit for Source Energy (also known as Divine Source or Spirit).


As a practitioner of energy work, I integrate a variety of tools and techniques to help clients heal core wounds, clear energetic blockages, and balance their chakras (energy centers in the human body). Energy healings can relieve clients with physical injuries or ailments, emotional trauma, negative thought patterns, and just the every day stress of life.


What is Sentient Intelligence Healing?

The type of Energy Healing that I practice is called Sentient Intelligence Energy Healing. Sentient Intelligence Healing is the release and shift of the body's inherent energy states into a harmonious homeostatic balance of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to create health and vibrancy. It is a gentle hands-on healing.

An energy healing session can include but is not limited to: chakra balancing, removing negative energies or entities, cutting energy chords, clearing the aura and repairing any damages within the aura, emotional trauma healing, and energy blockages removal. 


Energy healing sessions are available both in-person or long distant (remote). During in-person sessions, a touch-based healing will be performed. However, an energy healer does need not to be present with the client to do this work. In the realm of spirit, time and space are easily transcended. Therefore, distant healings are offered to clients who are not located locally.

What makes Sentient Intelligence unique?

1. It bridges the physicality of the body to the energy and spirit bodies.

2. It connects all the systems of the body, mind and spirit.

3. It primarily works from inside outward.

4. It works on the cellular/DNA level.

5. It is non-traditional energy healing (traditional focuses on bringing energy inward from an external force/guide).

What is an energy healing session like?

Before the session, you will be asked some questions about any physical or emotional issues you may be having. You'll be asked to state your intention (or goal) for the healing.

During the session, you will lie on your back and be guided into a meditative state. You may experience seeing colors and visions. You may feel heat or a cooling sensation as energy is released or moved through your body. There may be tingling sensations, as this is a sign of energy transfer.

Most people report feeling peaceful, calm, and rejuvenated after a session. Some clients feel "very light" as if a weight was lifted for them. 

Afterwards, there will be a debrief where we discuss what was accomplished during the session. It is a time for you to recall any sensations and visualizations that came up for you. You'll be provided with a summary write-up including guidance and tips on food and activities suitable for your mind/body type.

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