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Akashic Records Reading


Akashic Records Reading Session

In-person sessions are temporarily unavailable. Virtual sessions now available via phone or video call.

30 Minute Virtual Session - $60

60 Minute Virtual Session - $111

60 Minute In-Person Session - $125

What are the Akashic Records?

"The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibration record of every soul and its journey."

~ Linda Howe

Think of it as a nonphysical library or hall of records. These Records hold the knowledge to the past, present, and future for each of our individual souls. This includes information on past, present and future lifetimes. The Records are protected by light beings who relay the information to an Akashic Records reader/practitioner.

In accessing the Akashic Records, a person can ask questions to learn more about themselves, find their life purpose, get advice on important decisions, identify causes of their core wounds, learn about past lives- the possibilities are endless!

Through accessing the Records, one has the opportunity to connect to their true essence, deepen their understanding of self, and in this light, self-healing work can be accomplished.

What is an Akashic Records reading session like?

You'll be asked to prepare questions in advance to the session. You must provide your full legal name for the reading. The reading can only be done for you, not other people and Records cannot be read for minors. You'll be encouraged to avoid questions starting with "when" and questions that have "yes/no" answers. This opens up the opportunity for more in depth answers.

I begin by reading aloud an opening prayer to connect us to the Akashic Records. Once the Records are open, you may begin asking your first question. I may speak directly to you or may journal answers down first. Once the session is up, a closing prayer is read aloud to close the Records. We will spend a few minutes debriefing afterwards. 

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